mobilný encefalograf (EEG)


mobilná očná kamera (Eye tracker)


špeciálna vesta pre zber neuromarketingových dát (patentovaná technológia)


What do you get?

  • higher effectiveness of online/offline communication tools (e.g. banners, POP, POS, outdoor, print, TV, Youtube shot, etc.),
  • better targeting/distribution of communication stimuli,
  • improved attractiveness and design of a communication tool,
  • competitive advantage,
  • increased awareness,
  • more precise targeting on a segment based on the content and amount of elements.
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How do we do it?

  • A/B testing,
  • flash tests,
  • based on real data by measuring emotional response and visual attention of your customers compared to traditional research tools,
  • own developed technologies,
  • platform
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When to do it?

  • in the development/draft phase of a communication tool,
  • in the implementation/launch/real use phase for creating benchmarks,
  • post-tests.
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